Conway's Game of Life in React

The game of life, also known as Conway's life game, is a cell automata made by the mathematician of the United Kingdom John Hortony Conway in 1970. Despite its name, the game of life is not really a game in The classical sense, but a mathematical model that simulates the behavior of a population of cells in a grid.

The game of life, especially, is played in a two dimensional grid of square cells, all of which can be in one of both states: alive or dead. The game evolves in discrete generations, where the state of each cell in a generation is dependent on the states of its 8 neighboring cells in the previous generation. The rules for transition between generations are basic to elegant:

  1. If a cell is alive and has two or three living neighbors, it survives.
  2. If a cell is dead and has three live neighbors, it is born.
  3. If a cell is alive and has more than three living neighbors, it dies.

Conway's Game of Life in Python

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